Monthly Archives: November 2008

some small ads for the new book plusplus #4, “Es War Einmal…”

“X für U” was my first and still it my favourite comicbookstore in Freiburg. There i spend most of my pocketmoney. if you ever need information about comics go there!

Kai Wilksen is the specialist in french comics. He helped us to translate many of our texts. So thanks again Kai!

it is still a long time since then but we all are looking forward to the next comic-salon in Erlangen!

i`m back!

after a long time i decided not to give up this block and reopen it!

the last post shows a picture which now is the cover of my newest small bock.

it contains a selection of my daily morning grawings.

so, i hope you enjoy the future posts and give me a feedback if you like.